Children's Sunglasses


How important is it for your child to wear sunglasses? We all know how important sunscreen is. It protects our skin from the damaging UV rays. But our eyes are even more sensitive than our skin. The only way we can protect our child’s eyes from those same damaging rays it to use sunglasses.

Here are some tips in children’s sunglasses:
· Don’t buy toy sunglasses
· Lenses must filter maximum UVA and UVB rays
· Only buy polycarbonate lenses- these lenses are impact resistant, designed not to shatter when struck.
· Gray lenses will not alter the look of different colors, and will allow the eyes to be stimulated by the full visible light spectrum.
· Be sure the glasses are large enough to also block the peripheral sunlight.
· The earlier your child begins wearing sunglasses, the more comfortable they will be with them.

Bring your child in and see how cute he is while we protect his eyes.

It’s never too early to begin annual eye exams. In fact, one in every 10 children is at risk from undiagnosed eye and vision problems. That’s why Dr. C Optometry provides special eye exams to babies and children, which detect vision problems that may lead to difficulty in learning. Just like a trip to the pediatrician, a child should receive regular eye exams to maintain healthy vision. It is recommended that children receive an eye examination well before they enter kindergarten.