Computer Vision

Are you a computer geek? Even if you’re not, the visual demands that constant computer use places on the eyes is very high. In fact, as technology evolves, computer screens become even more stressful on to the vision, causing problems like blurred vision, eye strain , headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain. These symptoms combined with poor lighting and badly-designed work stations can contribute to a condition known as “computer vision syndrome.” Dr. C Optometry can properly diagnose and treat this condition. You don’t have to live with it. The doctors also provide on-site consultation and instruction on visual ergonomics in the workplace to reduce the effects of computer vision syndrome and to improve productivity.
What’s new for computer users?  Digital Performance Eyewear by Gunnar Optiks
Gunnar Optiks has created lenses specifically designed to increase visual performance, prevent Digital Eye Fatigue and protect against Computer Vision Syndrome.  Now even the most demanding computer users are more productive and more effective for longer periods of time. (

We are one of a handful of offices in Los Angeles that carry this line.  Not only that, but we offer a loaner program to current and new patients.  Please call our office to inquire about the program.

Did you know?

Nearly 90% of those who use a computer at least 3 hours a day suffer vision problems associated with computer related eye strain.  (Vision Council of America, “Vision in Business,” 2007)

According to the 2007 American Eye-Q Survey, 82% of Americans frequently work with either a computer or handheld device similar to a PDA.  (Source: AOA)

Over 10 million eye exams are conducted annually due to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) symptoms.  (Source: Sheedy Survey of Optometrists)

More than 143 million Americans work on a computer each day and 88% of them suffer from computer eyestrain.  (All About Vision, “FAQs on Computer Vision Syndrome and Computer Glasses,” February 2007)